North Bay Foot & Ankle Clinic Nipissing District, ON: North Bay, Mattawa, Temagami, West Nipissing, Bonfield, Calvin, Chisholm, East Ferris, Mattawan, Papineau-Cameron, South Algonquin

North Bay Foot & Ankle Clinic prides themselves in improving the quality of life of our clients by enhancing their physical health and lifestyle activities. Whether you need medical treatment, sports medicine, preventative care, surgery, shoes or foot care products our Chiropodist- Foot Specialist will work with you to achieve the best possible results from your first appointment.

North Bay Foot & Ankle Clinic in the Nipissing District, ON: North Bay, Mattawa, Temagami, West Nipissing, Bonfield, Calvin, Chisholm, East Ferris, Mattawan, Papineau-Cameron, South Algonquin areas

Although we are a full service Foot Clinic, our Chiropodist specializes in Sports Medicine by combining the latest technologies and advanced manual therapy techniques to help anyone from small children to elite athletes perform their best.

North Bay Foot & Ankle Clinic in the Nipissing District, ON: North Bay, Mattawa, Temagami, West Nipissing, Bonfield, Calvin, Chisholm, East Ferris, Mattawan, Papineau-Cameron, South Algonquin areas

Why Should You Come to Our Clinic?

We don’t guess; we measure; We perform thorough functional and hands-on assessment that collects meaningful, measurable and reliable information that allows us to track progression over time to help ensure you reach your goals.

You will be given a clear explanation of your problem and solution. We aim to provide you with freedom through an understanding of how the foot/ankle and body works. With a clear understanding of your condition, you will cherish your body and value your health more.

We offer up-to-date treatment advice and perform latest evidence-based assessments and treatment. Our foot specialist is committed to continuing professional development frequently to stay at the forefront with her skills and knowledge.

What We Offer

We have a multimodal and corrective treatment approach not only to get rid of pains but to address the underlying cause for long-term results. Our mission is to improve your quality of life by reaching your health or training goals, helping you feel at your best, and achieving peak performance and optimal function.

We believe the body has an incredible capacity to heal itself from injuries. Chronic or recurring symptoms occur when there is an interference to the healing process such as scar tissue, biomechanical stress, structural misalignment, active trigger point and repetitive strain.

We identify and address the root causes of the problem to create long-lasting results and optimize your health, rather than just applying a “band-aid” approach to your symptom(s).

Our approach often helps to provide relief to the rest of the body parts that were being affected correspondingly.

Our treatment does more than relieving pain; it also helps to:

  • Improve body function and optimize performance
  • Minimize recurrence of pain and injuries
  • Prevent and decelerate onset of degenerative changes

We do not just get rid of pain; we help you to feel, move and perform your best!


Katie Roy

Office Assistant

Katie has been with The North Bay Foot & Ankle Clinic for over 4 years. When calling into the office it is likely her friendly voice on the other end of the phone. Katie works hard at ensuring we are getting patients in for appointments as soon as possible. Katie is also the one whom returns most of the messages and the emails received into the office. Having gone to school for Early Childhood Education, Katie's compassion, and joy of helping others comes across in her work. Always wanting to help patients in whatever form she can. Katie has built some wonderful friendships with several of our patients. She is a vital part of our team.

Lucie Trudel

Advanced Foot Care - RPN

Lucie has been with the North Bay Foot & Ankle Clinic since 2004. She is an Advanced Foot Care Nurse as well as a RPN. Graduating from the Registered Practical Nursing Program in 1988 and then going on to study Basic and Advanced Foot Care at the Niagara Collage of Applied Arts in 1998 and 1999. Working at the Chateau Home for the Aged in Strugeon Falls for 16 years makes Lucie our Senior Care Expert providing care and comfort for our senior patients. Lucie really enjoys interacting with her patients and providing them comfort to keep them moving and enjoying all the activities that they partake in.

Amanda Boulanger

Office Manager

Amanda is the newest member of The North Bay Foot & Ankle team. Coming from several years managing teams of 4-15 employees, Amanda manages the behind-the-scenes requirements of our clinic. Going to Canadore College for Aircraft Maintenance in 2004, Amanda has now found her calling in the medical field. Ensuring our patients are receiving the best care and quality of products as well as assisting in getting them in for appointments in a timely manner. Amanda has taken several courses in technology and management from different colleges. She is extremely experienced with Microsoft and is the driving force behind the new booking software that allows patients to book their own appointments online. Enjoying working closely with our staff and day to day dealings with our patients Amanda is a welcomed addition to the team.


Stephanie Poupore

B.A, D.Ch.,B.Sc Podiatric Medicine, CAHP

Specializing in foot mechanics, surgical services, and preventative care for all ages from children to senior adults. Aromatherapy for Podiatric Symptoms and Diseases.

Stephanie Poupore is an Ontario Chiropodist who has been practising Chiropody since 1995. She is a graduate of the Ontario Program at the Michener Institute following her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto. Stephanie then went on to receive a degree from the University of Brighton (U.K.) in Podiatric Medicine with a concentration in Podopediatrics. Her continuing education Certificates are in Regional Anaesthesia and Aspiration/ Injection Techniques for the foot. She is a Member of the College of Chiropodists of Ontario, the Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine and American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine. Stephanie is a Quality Assurance Preceptor for the College of Chiropodists for Northern Ontario and is a Preceptor for third year medical students of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. Stephanie is a recent graduate of Healing Fragrances Aromatherapy School with a Professional Certification Course including 450 hours of instruction 30 case studies, research paper on a case study and Board Certification Exam. Her research last year for her case study was a topical application of aromatherapy cream and spray for Covid Toe. She attended the Clinical Aromatherapy International Seminar and is a member of International Clinical Aromatherapy Network that is an international community of practitioners, educators, growers, distillers and researchers.