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So, modern medicine can certainly manage and treat conditions, but can it truly heal them if it is just suppressing them? Drug therapy can be effective but there are better, more natural methods of feeling better, and with less side effects. When you actually get to the root of the pain, when you utilize natural foot and ankle pain treatment, when you support the physiologic pathways needed for healing, your pain truly heals. And on top of that, the side benefit is improved overall health.

With 25 years of experience Stephanie Poupore, Owner and Foot Specialist at North Bay Foot & Ankle Clinic is pleased to announce her company: Honour Yourself Botanicals

honour productsWorking with professionals on a global platform in the fields of clinical aromatherapy, aromatic medicine, essential oil science and essential oil research has solved my question of how to meet my patients requests for products that are more naturally based.

Honour Yourself is a company built by a merging of two passions- Podiatry and Aromatherapy!


Our products combine the knowledge and certification in each of these professions. We take into consideration your podiatric ailments and holistically treat them with essential oils and botanicals.

As a Clinical Aromatherapy Health Professional, I will use the various properties of essential oils to assist the body’s own natural healing process and enhance well-being.

An Aromatherapy visit with Stephanie can be done along with in office podiatry visit or you can book a 1 hour long Aromatherapy Visit which will address other concerns not just your feet!

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