The Pedique toenail replacement is a cosmetic improvement to damaged and unsightly toenails. It could also be described as a prosthetic nail replacement or gel nail. The specially designed gel is specifically for use on toe nails and is an acrylester (not an acrylic) bonded permanently to the exposed nail where it usually remains until it grows out. This can last from between 2 months and an average of 6 months. It usually requires some shaping and tidying over time depending on how the nail underneath grows and moves the pedique.

The pedique nail is non-toxic, non-absorbent, slightly flexible (so it is less likely to crack in shoes) and shaped to fit your nail. This is in contrast to the nail wraps or acrylics that are glued or bonded to the nails in salons which can be too brittle or damage the nail. They can also allow moisture between the layers of nail causing damage. The pedique has antifungal properties so inhibits any growth.

This treatment can be applied to any nail condition provided there is a nail to attach to – loosely attached or lifted nails, damaged nails and thick or fungal nails that don’t grow fully or are deformed are transformed with the pedique nail replacement.

It takes 15-45 minutes to prepare the old nail and apply the pedique and it is ready for varnishing immediately. The nail is hard and set before you leave.

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