ClearToe Therapy

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The ClearToe Therapy Light by the innovators at ToeFX is the only photodisinfection product approved by Health Canada for clearance of toenail fungus. You will be able to “show off your toenails” and live fungus-free.

This safe, non-toxic and simple treatment can be administered in 40 minutes. The ClearToe Therapy light is designed to clear up the yellow, crumbling appearance of toenail fungus (onychomycosis).

ClearToe Serum is a non-toxic antimicrobial topical formulation. This is applied to all toes and sits for 15 minutes. After the serum has penetrated the nails you then place your feet under the LED Lights for Red Light Therapy.

Patients see results in as little as 6-10 treatments!

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