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Preventing Re-Injury to a Sprained Ankle

One of the easiest ways to re-sprain an ankle is to go back to your sport or activity before the ankle has had ample time to heal. This course of events frequently develops into ankle instability that can become chronic. But there are ways to prevent repetitive ankle sprains from happening. It is believed that some movement of the ankle aids the healing process, but that too much movement makes it worse. Wearing an ankle brace may be the perfect solution. Some experts suggest that using a brace for four to six weeks while recovering from an ankle sprain can significantly reduce healing time. An ankle brace can support the joint through compression while restricting the range of motion. For instance, it allows the ankle to move up and down, but stops it from turning inward or outward, thus protecting the ligaments from further damage. There are many types of ankle braces available, but none is perfect for every condition. For further guidance on which ankle brace may be best for you, please consult a chiropodist.  

When one or more ligaments in the ankle overstretch or tear due to injury, an ankle sprain occurs. If you would like to learn more about ankle sprains, please consult with Chiropodist Stephanie Poupore from North Bay Foot & Ankle. Our clinician can help you maintain the health of your lower limbs and your mobility. 

Symptoms of an ankle sprain vary depending on the severity of the injury, but may include: 

  • Pain

  • Swelling

  • Bruising

  • Tenderness

  • Difficulty walking

  • Ankle instability

  • A reduced range of motion in the ankle 

Treatments for an ankle sprain may consist of: 

  • Resting the injured ankle

  • Applying ice

  • Elevating the ankle

  • Compressing the ankle

  • Over-the-counter pain medications

  • Ankle braces or other devices to take weight off of the ankle

  • Ankle exercises 

  • Surgery (in rare cases) 

It’s important for the sprained ankle to heal correctly and fully in order to avoid repeated injury. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office located in . We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot care needs.

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